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Nanny Lynn

Christmas Roasties

Unique approach, secret ingredient or original cooking method that makes your recipe special


8-10 large potatoes
Salt and pepper
Rapeseed oil


1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/ gas mark 4
2. Peel the potatoes, rinse and and place in pan. Cover with cold water and a sprinkle of salt
3. Bring to boil and simmer for 5 minutes, drain and toss well in 1 tbsp of oil salt and pepper
4. They should then be placed on wire rack , if cooking a joint of meat, place above the meat as this will help to baste it as you go
5.Cook for 50mins -1 hour. – Turn up to 200°C for the final 10 min while your joint of meat is ‘resting’

Nanny Lynn's Top Tips for the perfect roasties

Potatoes need to be in airflow to get crisp and brown if sat in loads of fat in deep tin/dish they will not crisp. Anyone who likes them really crispy and dark can swap to Circoroast for last 10-15 minutes as that setting combines fan and grill element so a browner colour is achieved.

If you are using a NEFF Vario Steam oven like this one, place raw potatoes after tossing in oil on wire shelf and select 180°C and High moisture after 10 minutes turn steam down to medium steam and cook for whole time with it set like this. Moisture aids crisping and browning.

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